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So guys...it's London 2012 right? See you there mates!! =)



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Sturm und Drang.

I remembered my first ever school uniform; lime green shorts and striped white shirt! And then I sat at my first assigned desk; in front. And then came in the first teacher I knew; Lao Tze (couldn't remember her name). And then Lao Tze asked me my first question of the day; "What do you want to be when you grow up?" "I want to take care of animals!" I answered, with a rush of enthusiasm.

Well actually the preferred term would be an animal activist or a zoologist. That was my first ambition, I reckoned. Since it was the era of Mega TV then, I was glued watching Discovery Channel day and night. Cartoon Network and AXN accompanied me sometimes and every time during Sahur, but Discovery Channel was my drug. I sighed when the channel displayed about machinery and I squealed with joy when they showed LIFE! Lions and Africa will always remain as favourites. And so are Jane Goodall and her chimps.

Then, I changed, or narrowed it down to being a marine biologist. Discovery Channel still holds the blame for it, but also came in a new convict; Free Willy. Orcas and whales still fascinates me. I was obsessed with the movie then, apart from my friend, Andrew who keeps reminding me how magnificent these creatures are. Andrew was from Australia, and there he always have contact with these beautiful beings. Andrew and I would always draw pictures of whales and orcas during art class.

Then passion for mythology and ancient history made apparent mark on me as I wanted to become an archeologist. Now, its because of The Mummy, Jurassic Park and Discovery Channel (again...). Its fascinating as we unfold the mysteries of the past, knowing that someone has used this pottery before, someone has stroll this street before, someone's skeleton. I keep imagining that someday people in the future might just discover me and the Lost City of Damansara!

Then, currently, finally, medicine shows up. Herm...I really do not know what triggers this. This career seemed kind of mild and boring to me, comparatively with an animal activist, marine biologist and archeologist.

I think it is true when kids always say that adults are boring. Adults just want to play safe.

Suddenly I'm yearning for my first ambition...