"Are you here to make me mortal?"

Damn cun man that line! (i might paraphrase it a bit..hehe)

Another one line i like...but ain't that true though...

"religion is not flawless, because humans are not flawless"

true...to a certain extent...should be..."religion is not perceived as flawless, because humans are not flawless". (sorry...i suffer from post traumatic ToK-ngitis)

The story was like...walauweh!! It was certainly a relief to say the least, as it truly exceeds my expectation, mainly due to the defected and demented prior Da Vinci movie (but the book was sheer awesomeness!). I planned to read the book first(Angels & Demons), but i'm currently reading a book...so it'll be hard for me as i like to take my time to indulge in these written words one at a time. I vouched i was an avid reader once...before our school system caught up with me with all the text book materials (and markschemes...hehe) that we need to devour, and slowly shaping us to be an exam oriented student, wether we like it or not.

I'm not complaining though.I can just go with the flow. People might say that i'm like the lalang ditiup angin thingy...xde pendirian. But i do have one. I belief everything that has and will happen will turn out for the best. So why waste your life complainng bout stuffs and just do it, eyh?haha...But that's just my belief...

*Getting all pixied over the next rendezvous at sunway pyramid! (Everytime i hear the word 'pyramid' i get goosebumps because it reminds me of "The Arrival" i watched with Mr. Luqman Hariz!)


sluurrpp. aahhh.

i miss kmb.

No! Not kmb. (this is ego me talking, saje tak nak ngaku). I miss the little moments IN kmb:

1. The dup dap (or " lupp" "dupp" for all medic students) beating of your heart when you haven't finished your homework.

2. The dup dap feeling when Pn. Surinam enters (byk sgt dup dap... ley heart attack bdak nh).

3. The late nights of doing last minute study...hehe..

4. The annoyance some people manage to trigger effortlessly...

and also...

1. The satisfying feeling when you realised that the homework was not due until next week bcoz u clumsily mixed up the schedules (farking confusing T1 and T2...malas nak salin actually...)

2. The overwhelming feeling of joy when Pn. Surinam taught in class, with all her motherly love and demure assuring smile, radiates confidence through out the whole class...as though as you can fly and touch the sky...
*the dup dap feeling earlier on is bcoz one cannot overcome the sheer awesomeness of her aura!*

3. The fulfilling sip of the innocent Mary Jane; coffee, either when i'm starting my day, or studying late at night.

4. And best of all, the late night laughter in the common room...the heartfelt chat inside dorms and classes...and the cherishing pillow talks...haha..(sounds gay...but wth!)

I lost all of these when i stepped out of Kolej MARA Banting. No adrenaline pumping moments of not doing homeworks, no Pn. Surinam, no innocent Mary Jane, no pillow talks! haha....ha..ha..erm..(ego again)

Nothing can substitute all of these, except for the coffee (which i dont drink now), i still have my faithful shisha, which KMB can't offer...but the rest....sigh...

haha...emosi gle beb!

So sbb tuh kita must look forward and just go on with life...take all the good memories and do it all over again. Spread love people!

0118 hour: Aqeem has a blog!

i noe how.

i noe what it is.


i dunno y.

i dunno when it happens ( referring to the above statement).

I noe i'm juz being me, impulsive.

Sumtimes its gud, but not every time.

Tak kan nk decide bini pon nk impulsive kn beb?

Skali dpt yg bkn2...("Tapi kita boleh ade 4" said my conscience)..haha..

Wish me luck on tis blog. Godspeed mate!

*great...my first post n i'm rambling