I Rindu Padamu.

This colour is Swine Flu pink

Ahmad Zuhri Shin Abd. Halim; the easily charged up stick. Haha..scandalous ngan bdak ni slalu. Teacher's pet, kan Shin? =)

Nurul Hamiza Mohd Rashid; anak Pak Cik Rashid, the one who always give the best one liner in times of dire need during discussions. Problem solved immediately. Genius! She owns an Apple..uuuuu...

Iman Kamarul Asri; the sesat-Geordie-accent Hitler of the group. Haha...without her IRP tak jalan kot. And also the Guardian of the Apple which I still dont know how to use.

Muhd Aqeem Nor Azam; the only normal one...hehe..the markscheme-man! And the Business-is-logic-to-him-but-never-get-7-guy...

Miss you guys loads! At class, DS, LRC, concourse and the snuck in food at the LRC, the talk of bringing steamboat during IRP, miss all those moments!

I Rindu Padamu, IRP. =)



Today, after the death of the King of Rock n Roll, the world stood a still once more by the shocking news of the demise King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson.

I'm not a member of his fan club, but I grew up listening to his music, and still am.

1. When I was still wearing rubber-waisted trousers, I used to listen to Pak Ngah's array of MJ albums and watched those karaoke music videos. The 80's was so psychedelic with topsy turvy camera movements and flashy colours!

2. I went to MJ's concert in KL with Baba once...think I was 7 then...

3. Thinking of touching Free Willy upon hearing "Will You Be There"...

4. Getting goosebumps while watching his "Earth song" music video...

5. Moonwalking!=)

I dont know if all the nasty allegations about him are true or not, but he did brew up good music and truly affected most of the people of the world with it and he's a Moslem and passed away on a Friday. Jeles la.

R.IP, M.J.


I surrender dear.

So hate it when this feeling crops up again.

I hate when people start asking about IT.

I hate when I start asking myself about IT.

I hate playing quizzes about IT.

But I love watching the movie "IT"!! (sial lawak tak kene)

"Mat, awek sehat?" Fuck. Do we actually have to be stuck with someone all the time? Is there any commandment saying so?

"Takde awek la bro..." Fuck. Is it so incomprehensible? So out of the ordinary that they just can't believe it and bugs you for more information on something that does not even exist in the first place?

So hate it when this feeling crops up again.

Venus is so hard to understand. So Math Higher Level. Wish I have telepathy sometimes, you know? Then it would not be as hard as this.

They give you hints, but they never go straight forward with it. When you try approaching them and ask them directly, they say, Nay!

Then they'll give you more hints. And you approach them and they say Nay!

Over and over again.

This courtship thing is hard work man! Fuck. Hate this. Things get worse when they start giving you mixed signals that confounds you, until the only thing you can do is loomed in the little dark corner of your room, trying to put together all the effing signals and hints until you go berserk!

Then there's this 'matchmaker curse'. Realise that matchmakers are the one who would find it hard to match make themselves? Didn't believe it at first...but two years of nothing...that'll drag you to believe even the most nonsensical thing.

Been with three. All three almost lead me to total insanity. Trying for the fourth, but I guess retreat is more worth it. Fuck. This is draining the life from me. Not going to waste it.

So hate it when this feeling crops up again.

*Currently in a relationship with myself.


this IS love


Thanx guys for the trip! Chuak2 pon best kot...haha!


Darjah Seri Bangku Negara

My little brother (the real one, o'course) asked me just now...

"Bang, kan bila laki dapat Datuk, wife die dapat Datin kan...what happens bila perempuan dapat Datuk...laki die dapat ape?"

Speechless for a moment.

"Die dapat pangkat 'driver Mak Datin' la"...

See, that is why I don't believe in people believing in woman's right...

They're getting everything here people!



I wonder....

I went to some usrah that day (yes people, i actually went to an usrah...yes..me!! Get a hold of yourself, ok) and they said that education falls under things that must be given to anyone, compulsory (perkara wajib). From fathers to sons, teachers to students...and goverments to their people. Hehehe...

This is where it has got me thinking...

1. According to that usrah la...goverment memang wajib bagi rakyat die pendidikan..okay..im clear with that..

2. Scholarship or loans granted for educational benefits falls under the many tangents of education...so these things are also wajib la kan...

3. So..ehem2..education is actually our right as the people of the goverment, sebab jatuh hukum wajib earlier on kan...

4. Holding to that notion, should we feel..ehem2..grateful, macam terhutang budi la sangat pada goverment sebab hantar kita oversea...becoz, as stated earlier on..it is our right (perkara wajib).

5. Macam anak and bapak la...court tak akan bagi custody kepada parents yang tak boleh jaga anak depa...termasuk la their need for education...becoz its their (the children) right.

6. So...how leh...?? Muahahaha...mampus aku kalau Pak Mus baca blog aku ni..mau kena sambung BTN.


Fatt lor!

8 more days to go to meet Mr. Happy and Ms. Bliss..!

About more than one month ago...the countdown on my desktop showed the number 8, but then I was counting my days to meet Mr. Doom and Ms. Terror. Mr. Doom and Ms. Terror tormented me for weeks, the climax was when the Econs students got an early leave! Unfair! hehe..

Now, i can't hardly wait to meet Mr. Happy and Ms. Bliss.

8 more days to go...and still counting....



"hoy cencaluk!"

haha..btn x best dowh...keyh r, masih dlm range "ok"..tp towards "x best"..kasik cann...

tapi tipulah kalau nak cakap takde effect whatsoever..semangat tuh mmg fired up la sket kn..

hypothetically speaking..i noe tis one guy..classmate time skolah kt damansara dulu..nak dijadikan cite..mmbe ku ni melayu tau..tapi malu jadi melayu..

camni...kt skolah aku dulu..ade clique tau..our batch was dominated by malays..but unfortunately (i guess), most of them were clustered at the lower end of the streaming system. So this fella and i were like not in that cluster. There were more non-malays than malays in our class. Class tuh best la...especially in between classes and recess..haha..still remember that moment! Kitorang macam rapat sebab satu kelas, so my friend and I ni banyak la kawan yang terdiri drpd non malays. However, he admits that he was actually embarassed to be called as a Malay. He sees nothing to be proud of. He'll make faces when my history teacher talks about ketuanan melayu, hak istimewa orang melayu and bla, bla, bla. I really can't blame him though becoz most of the troublemakers at that school were malays, and this might also be valid thorughout the country! Kalau kat pusat serenti tuh, bersepah la melayu. Yang mat mati tengah jalan lepas corner maut naek motor pon melayu gak kn. He also said that why are we proud to even be a Malay? What is Malay pon actually? Ape trademark Malay? Kalau nak kata tarian la, bahasa la, sopan santun..itu semua pinjaman and assimilation dari budaya and race lain kan.

In all honesty, he did got me thinking (im easily persuaded pon). Until BTN, malay was just merely some word, no passion or identity accompanying it. After BTN, i think i got some sense of why i should be proud to be a Malay but of course la semangat tuh not as at par as warga emas yang berjuang demi tanah air, at least not yet.

Pape pon..thank you BTN!