It'll be cool though to talk in many different languages. Bayangkan cakap German dalam phone, dalam LRT, pastuh ade mak cik kat sebelah. Haha! Tekejud keee? *Style Eric Leong*

Just wanna share three tracks from my playlist which are not English nor Malay. :)

1) Nous Non Plus-Fille Atomique

2) Alouette (Yeah, I know this is a nursery rhyme but at least I focus kat kindergarten and ingat sampai sekarang. Haha!)

3) Nena-99 luft Balons


What's in a name

Anyone (by me saying anyone, must be hell attractive), please be the mother of my children;

Luth Haifaa'
Haifaa' Liyana
Daniel Arfard
Nadia Arfard
Nicholl Izzat
Daniel Iskandar
Iman Wafie
Dania Aida
Sofiya Ezra
Sofiya Maheran
Natasha Adrienne
Aleksander Arfard
Anya Syifaa'
Ibtisam Maria

I want loads of Mini-Mes!

*This is a result of too much free time.
*Disclaimer: All the names mention are of copyright to the writer. Usage of these names in any fashion is subject to the writer's acknowledgement and approval.


Wandlung zum Guten

4.49 a.m ; Wednesday

Can't be in the land of Nod in these past few nights, so I decided, randomly, to change the layout of my blog.


Tak matang?


Poie la mam!! Janji aku suka. HAHA!


Mi Casa ( with appreciation to Redang and Perhentian Trip)

For the last 20 years of my life, going to the beach would not reach the top 50 things that I wanted to do the most. Now, after spending sometime here in Malaysia, and just got back from two islands, I so want a house by the beach!

Genie, I want this house,

With this room and companion,

And I want to wake up to this view,

And wake up seeing these people,

Having my own boat,

Having some hot chicks around would be fun :) (baru beach boy sejati!)

And also this hot...ermm..chick ?

Doing this activity during the day,

And bbq during nighttime,

Pedangs of Redang and Perhentian, this all your fault!

Thank you Jubei, Otai, Izlan, Syamir, Aiman, Q, Hilman, Along, Manjong, John, Duen, Baloo, Bachok. :)


decision decision...

I wonder...

Why do we fret on so many of life's decision? Why do we even fret on making one?

When you see the world as I see it, everything has its own pros and cons. Well, it is a common notion and the stakes are a huge number of you guys out there might agree with me. If that is the case, you should agree with me that decision making is just pure BS, well logically.

See, if everything has its pros and cons, its ooohhhs and aaahhhs, why do we need to have the need to CHOOSE?

Okay, math weez says that we can list down the pros and cons to help us decide. But then again, we're just assessing the quantity of it, while leaving out the quality of the arguments, which from my understanding, is pretty damn hard to analyse!

If you did ToK, you'd empathise my frustration here.

So, is decision making a myth?

I wonder...

p/s : Writer strongly believes that it is a myth as he is too lazy to make decisions, thus rambling off with this excuse, errr no, this post.


Wazzup wazzup

Ado bran?!
Blog dah lama tak update tapi still nak promote kat Facebook?

Ado bran?!
Password blog dah lupa?

Ado bran?!
Baru perasan layout jambu sangat?

Ok guys, Ok Fanclub, jangan sedih-sedih coz now I'm back! Saja menyepi coz absence makes the heart grows fonder, innit? :)

Rasa that's it for now, short and sweet with a little whipped cream and cherry on top for my comeback.

"Kurangkan kontroversi, tingkatkan prestasi"


p/s: Credit to Izlan Yusof for the re-opening of the blog and my new name. :)