KLku sayang.

Its been awhile. Berhabuk lah. Not my fault. Its just that there's nothing interesting to ponder upon nowadays.

"Write about London then!"

Well London is just all that. Nothing much. Frankly, it isn't much of a difference from KLku sayang. Apart from the iceberg weather and narrow roads with large dump waste at the sides (they term it 'skip', I think), its just another KL for me, but certainly cant be at par with KLku sayang.

Missing mamak-ing, cheap shisha, car convoy in the wee hours, "penumpangan rumah", OU, the weather (ok, i admit not missing it when I was there, but we're talking about the present here people) and mainly the sense of satisafaction to move around, whenever and wherever you feel like it because of the familiarity that KLku sayang gives.

You can't get that in London. Nak jadi kupu-kupu malam sangat payah kat sini. =((

*Writer currently shivering vigorously while covering himself with his duvet and sitting next to the heater