Selamat Hari Raya. =)

So, lagu ini dedicate untuk raya kali ini. Aku pon tak tau kenapa, memang takde kena mengena pon dengan raya qurban. Its just dat I loooooooooooovvveeeeeeeeeeee this song. Its so damn old, but still wicked innit?! (cobaan nak jadi British tak menjadi).

*Tak sabar-sabar untuk jamuan Hari Raya nanti. Exam di hari raya ni bukan seperti antagonist acetylcholine+atropine untuk jamuan (cewah! nak tunjukkan dia dah study la tuh segalanya baghhaiii). Macam dah lama tak jumpa orang lately, terkurung dalam batu belah batu bertangkup sebab exam, so really can't wait! =)



Haha. Shuffling playlist, ending up with this track. You know when certain songs remind you of certain life events? This one reminds me of the late nights back home after futsal or shisha or just lepak-ing. Just narks me off thinking how lonely it can be here. It's a good song btw, if your're not interested in my life story. Enjoy!=)

Owh... and Happy 17th Birthday Kay! *Hugs* xx

*you're going to be the first person to know if I passed my exams...you know why...=P


Converto exspectatus optime.

A breathe of fresh air from a gagging lad.



The unexpected roomie and the expected companion

It was like groping into wicked darkness during the first few days here. I made a big blunder bringing a 22kg luggage only with me (including Marieb; Anatomy & Physio!). I was as unperturbed as a monk back in Malaysia about settling down here. Then, London force coupled with the university life came knocking me unannounced. Wow, was I fucked up, badly. I dont know how to do this, I don't know to do that, I haven't got this, should I do this or that, how do I go here and there...why am I here in the first place?!


Then along came Polly. *random*. Then along came Raja and everything seems to dissipate into sheer simplicity. He came a few days after I was here and made life SO much easier. I totally miss him right now. A month having him as a roommate would be more than enough to do justice for anybody to yearn for his companion. Heck, Effa stayed for two nights in London and take a look of his makeover by Raja! LOL!

Now its different. Now there would be no one greeting me as I entered my room from class. No one makes me coffee every morning. No one saying "Are you ok?" to me anymore.


" You can do anything you want as long as you have your own integrity"


Of guilt and regret.

Nothing is more wretched than the mind of a man conscious of guilt.

Now plus this weather; cigarettes appear so inviting.