My previous post was such a mistake. Sorry for the jiwang-ness people. I know how it feels when you read this kind of post.

I am composed.
I am emotionally lacking.
I am in control.

I do not depend on anybody, much more for a single person, to be felicitous. That is weak. I belong to me.

I do not need a special person. Family and friends are all that I have, and all that I need. So for people who feel the same way that I did before, ponder on this. What more could you ask for? =)

p/s: Marriage would by now be nowhere near me. =)


Si Gigi Besar

I am composed.
I am emotionally lacking.
I am in control.

I had a beautiful nightmare last night and all the statements above came crashing down.
It's been 4 years and how pathetic would it, no, I be if it continues.

p/s: I don't normally do this jiwang stuff, so cut me some slack.



Presenting the CardioGods.

Preston Burke

Erica Hahn

Christina Yang

Only if they were real. Cardiothoracic surgeon all the way, Aqeem!
Enjoying every minute of this current Cardiorespiratory Module.

And anuerysms. Aaaaahhhh. Such fetish.


Sayang bucuk honey manja bee.

Those three words.
Are said too much.
But not enough.

Snow Patrol was so spot on when they came up with the lyrics! There's this couple yeah. So lovey dovey yeah. With all their status on IM and Facebook yeah. The bloke said that's the only way to express his l*ve yeah. At first I don't mind yeah. I don't even care yeah.

But goddamn mate! I've been reading it for more than a year now. All your statuses and updates are public. I don't want to read it but I did.

Yes, I am selfish. But so are you.
Yes, I am jealous. But so are the rest of you loser loners out there.