Yasmin Ahmad.

A film maker. A story teller.

I don't care what kind of stories people made up about her ( I'm certain you have heard some of the nasty rumours), but I believe one have to know her to judge her.

And what I know is that she is a superb Muse. Inspire to aspire.

Al- Fatihah.

University of Benson & Hedges

I logged onto UCAS one fine day. It was a normal day as usual, with me glued to the chair facing my laptop for hours and hours hence. As I was totally nonchalant when accesing my UCAS page, I realized something unfamiliar with my UCAS status. It has changed!

But...I mean really changed...

" Firm- Unconditional- University of Benson & Hedges"

Fuck. Pulak dah. Then, when it seemed nothing could ever get any worse (you actually know something will definately get worse when someone said that)...

"Insurance- Unconditional- University of Nottingham"

Encore fuck.

The shock woke me up from my slumber. FUH......
Maybe I was just thinking too much about it, but honestly I think I didn't. Heck, I have yet to even feel the euphoric exuberance my peers are feeling right now before taking off.

Maybe this is a sign. Maybe I should quit my Benson & Hedges. Maybe I should stop staring them Notts fellas with green eyes just because "Notts is leading".



That's the word to describe our education system in Malaysia.

For better or for worse.


The issue of language in Math and Science have long been debated. Actions are taken nonetheless...but a routinely repetitive action? Not so good. By me saying "routinely repetitive", I think that's an oxymoron or irony or something, since I detest such actions although it does not appear in my choice of words (Iman, help me sort this out! That's why I didn't score my English EE).

We should encourage teaching these crucial subjects in English because English is the language of the world. We can have a better grasp and a brighter opportunity to make a step forward in bringing ourselves at par with the rest of the world. Since most international textbooks are in English, so why can't we conform to that by maintaining Math and Science in English?


However (this feels so ToK essay), our language marks our identity. I humbly disagree with activists saying that we must maintain teaching subjects in Malay because "tak nak hilang kemelayuan...tak nak lupa daratan".

It is actually more than that.

When we meet other Malaysians oversea, we're bound to find ourselves speaking in Malay. When a Kelantanese meets another Kelantanese, all the "nate ghapo mu? Sek-sek jughuh" will be unleashed! Hehe... Likewise the immigrants in Malaysia; chit chatting in Nepalese, Thai, etc..

At one time in history, speaking Hebrew is forbidden because once you have succeeded in diminishing a nation's identity, the nation itself will crumble to the grounds. That was what supposedly should have happen to the Jews but somehow they rise back and then I forgot the details how and what happen after that...herm...

If let say our mastery in English is what we are trying to develop here, then why don't the government buckle up on the subject English Language alone? Go all out on that subject! I have seen and experienced many instances where English Language is belittled in our society and education system. (Compulsory for passes in English for SPM is considered too late for PPSMI's sake...hehe..)

As cliche it may sound, (even the word "cliche" sounds cliche to me) I am not on any side; neither for nor against. I'm Switzerland!



SDAR Open Block was superb!

Not becuase of Bunkface, truly...

but because of all the batch mates and juniors who made my day a blast! Overnight at Sdar definately was an added plus, like a cherry on top of a cake. I truly want a something to take my mind off the anticipation of D-day, but you guys truly blew me away! To;


The juniors..
and also my other juniors which I frankly can't recall their names (dah tua la katakan)...

Thank you!!! Love you guys!!

"This is cannot"..haha!