Saturday Night Fever

I'm so helpless when it comes to fever. So sissy lor...
Come hell or high water, I probably can take it. But fever, so sayur lah.
Sampaikan I dunno what to do to make it better.

Selalu my mom yang jaga semua benda kalau I come down with a fever. Bagi ubat, buat makanan (the usual roti milo/butter/jam and Nescafe sedap gila babeng), sapu towel basah, pegi jumpa doktor etc. Kat sekolah dulu ade lah few friends yang pandai jaga orang sakit. So grateful. But nothing can replace me mom. So bila kat sini, demam sorang-sorang, feels like the worst fever ever coz tak ada orang nak jagakan.

So sissy lor...



I hate my birthday.

It's the only moment we talk.

It's the only moment we text.

It's the only moment we know each other is doing fine.

All because of courtesy, I suppose.

I hate it because it's the only moment; 29/12.

I do hope the moment dissipate with time, then would it be a Happy Birthday.


Get your popcorn.

When holidays are just hovering around, with no exams as a plus and night closing its curtains as early as the rooster cocks, this is when I feel at the bottom of my game.


Such a negative word, but it's actually not though because I substitute my time studying with watching movies and catching up TV series! Hurray!! *May not be the ideal substitute for studying, but its better than wanking. Haha!* Okay, so I just want to list my all time favourite movies and TV series that I have watched during this Movie Module in Queen Mary. *This is not in any order*

Grey's Anatomy - Gosh! My drive for pursuing medicine. How I hope my clinical years and the years ahead would be as exciting as the show! Not the love life though, only the medical cases. Yeah, I'm aware that the possibility of it would be thin, but as long as there's hope, even how little it is, it's worth looking forward to it! =)

Gossip Girl - Just the cherry on top of my cupcake, just the spice inside my stew! Just what makes the world going, just what we all need; a little controversy! Just what I need.

The Notebook - Highly recommended! Been going on and on about this movie since KMB, kan Iman? Hehe. The Tearjerker.

A Walk to Remember - Another tearjerker. Enuff said.

Elephant - I so can't get over this movie! It is W.O.W. Winner of Cannes Film Festival 2003. Very deep yet very fresh in its presentation. At the early course of the movie it may appear slow, but if you just stay put throughout the movie, you surely won't regret it!

Year One - Perfect when you need a light movie and a laugh. Michael Cera and Jack Black people! What else can you ask for?!

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - Very fresh. The best part it doesn't exploit hot A-list stars with plastic perfect figure and looks.

Titanic - Classic. Will never do justice even though how detail and expressive my account on the sheer awesomeness of this movie, so I wouldn't bother to.

History Boys - On how truth is not important, but how edgy an issue is. So me! Helped me loads on my ToK essay. Haha!

500 Days of Summer - Its a boy-meet-girl story. But it is not a love story. Enjoy!

The Great Debaters - Just put Denzel Washington in any movie and he'll do his magic. About how a small African-American college debate team toils through their journey to have a debate with the then white-dominant Harvard.

The Factory Girl - An independent movie, I think. Well, at least this movie is about independent films. Revolves around renown pop art guru Andy Warhol and the almost famous Edie Britt. Played by Hayden Christensen and Sienna Miller.

So I think that's all, to date. Hope this would help for those searching for a good movie or TV series to enjoy on the late sleazy nights, or anywhere and anytime for that matter! =P