Saturday Night Fever

I'm so helpless when it comes to fever. So sissy lor...
Come hell or high water, I probably can take it. But fever, so sayur lah.
Sampaikan I dunno what to do to make it better.

Selalu my mom yang jaga semua benda kalau I come down with a fever. Bagi ubat, buat makanan (the usual roti milo/butter/jam and Nescafe sedap gila babeng), sapu towel basah, pegi jumpa doktor etc. Kat sekolah dulu ade lah few friends yang pandai jaga orang sakit. So grateful. But nothing can replace me mom. So bila kat sini, demam sorang-sorang, feels like the worst fever ever coz tak ada orang nak jagakan.

So sissy lor...



I hate my birthday.

It's the only moment we talk.

It's the only moment we text.

It's the only moment we know each other is doing fine.

All because of courtesy, I suppose.

I hate it because it's the only moment; 29/12.

I do hope the moment dissipate with time, then would it be a Happy Birthday.


Get your popcorn.

When holidays are just hovering around, with no exams as a plus and night closing its curtains as early as the rooster cocks, this is when I feel at the bottom of my game.


Such a negative word, but it's actually not though because I substitute my time studying with watching movies and catching up TV series! Hurray!! *May not be the ideal substitute for studying, but its better than wanking. Haha!* Okay, so I just want to list my all time favourite movies and TV series that I have watched during this Movie Module in Queen Mary. *This is not in any order*

Grey's Anatomy - Gosh! My drive for pursuing medicine. How I hope my clinical years and the years ahead would be as exciting as the show! Not the love life though, only the medical cases. Yeah, I'm aware that the possibility of it would be thin, but as long as there's hope, even how little it is, it's worth looking forward to it! =)

Gossip Girl - Just the cherry on top of my cupcake, just the spice inside my stew! Just what makes the world going, just what we all need; a little controversy! Just what I need.

The Notebook - Highly recommended! Been going on and on about this movie since KMB, kan Iman? Hehe. The Tearjerker.

A Walk to Remember - Another tearjerker. Enuff said.

Elephant - I so can't get over this movie! It is W.O.W. Winner of Cannes Film Festival 2003. Very deep yet very fresh in its presentation. At the early course of the movie it may appear slow, but if you just stay put throughout the movie, you surely won't regret it!

Year One - Perfect when you need a light movie and a laugh. Michael Cera and Jack Black people! What else can you ask for?!

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - Very fresh. The best part it doesn't exploit hot A-list stars with plastic perfect figure and looks.

Titanic - Classic. Will never do justice even though how detail and expressive my account on the sheer awesomeness of this movie, so I wouldn't bother to.

History Boys - On how truth is not important, but how edgy an issue is. So me! Helped me loads on my ToK essay. Haha!

500 Days of Summer - Its a boy-meet-girl story. But it is not a love story. Enjoy!

The Great Debaters - Just put Denzel Washington in any movie and he'll do his magic. About how a small African-American college debate team toils through their journey to have a debate with the then white-dominant Harvard.

The Factory Girl - An independent movie, I think. Well, at least this movie is about independent films. Revolves around renown pop art guru Andy Warhol and the almost famous Edie Britt. Played by Hayden Christensen and Sienna Miller.

So I think that's all, to date. Hope this would help for those searching for a good movie or TV series to enjoy on the late sleazy nights, or anywhere and anytime for that matter! =P


Selamat Hari Raya. =)

So, lagu ini dedicate untuk raya kali ini. Aku pon tak tau kenapa, memang takde kena mengena pon dengan raya qurban. Its just dat I loooooooooooovvveeeeeeeeeeee this song. Its so damn old, but still wicked innit?! (cobaan nak jadi British tak menjadi).

*Tak sabar-sabar untuk jamuan Hari Raya nanti. Exam di hari raya ni bukan seperti antagonist acetylcholine+atropine untuk jamuan (cewah! nak tunjukkan dia dah study la tuh segalanya baghhaiii). Macam dah lama tak jumpa orang lately, terkurung dalam batu belah batu bertangkup sebab exam, so really can't wait! =)



Haha. Shuffling playlist, ending up with this track. You know when certain songs remind you of certain life events? This one reminds me of the late nights back home after futsal or shisha or just lepak-ing. Just narks me off thinking how lonely it can be here. It's a good song btw, if your're not interested in my life story. Enjoy!=)

Owh... and Happy 17th Birthday Kay! *Hugs* xx

*you're going to be the first person to know if I passed my exams...you know why...=P


Converto exspectatus optime.

A breathe of fresh air from a gagging lad.



The unexpected roomie and the expected companion

It was like groping into wicked darkness during the first few days here. I made a big blunder bringing a 22kg luggage only with me (including Marieb; Anatomy & Physio!). I was as unperturbed as a monk back in Malaysia about settling down here. Then, London force coupled with the university life came knocking me unannounced. Wow, was I fucked up, badly. I dont know how to do this, I don't know to do that, I haven't got this, should I do this or that, how do I go here and there...why am I here in the first place?!


Then along came Polly. *random*. Then along came Raja and everything seems to dissipate into sheer simplicity. He came a few days after I was here and made life SO much easier. I totally miss him right now. A month having him as a roommate would be more than enough to do justice for anybody to yearn for his companion. Heck, Effa stayed for two nights in London and take a look of his makeover by Raja! LOL!

Now its different. Now there would be no one greeting me as I entered my room from class. No one makes me coffee every morning. No one saying "Are you ok?" to me anymore.


" You can do anything you want as long as you have your own integrity"


Of guilt and regret.

Nothing is more wretched than the mind of a man conscious of guilt.

Now plus this weather; cigarettes appear so inviting.


KLku sayang.

Its been awhile. Berhabuk lah. Not my fault. Its just that there's nothing interesting to ponder upon nowadays.

"Write about London then!"

Well London is just all that. Nothing much. Frankly, it isn't much of a difference from KLku sayang. Apart from the iceberg weather and narrow roads with large dump waste at the sides (they term it 'skip', I think), its just another KL for me, but certainly cant be at par with KLku sayang.

Missing mamak-ing, cheap shisha, car convoy in the wee hours, "penumpangan rumah", OU, the weather (ok, i admit not missing it when I was there, but we're talking about the present here people) and mainly the sense of satisafaction to move around, whenever and wherever you feel like it because of the familiarity that KLku sayang gives.

You can't get that in London. Nak jadi kupu-kupu malam sangat payah kat sini. =((

*Writer currently shivering vigorously while covering himself with his duvet and sitting next to the heater


My Obituary.

Just now I spent my last night with Rizal(Baloo), Nizar and Amy(Mentol) in Malaysia, raya-ing at Mama Zai's. After we said our goodbyes and part our ways, I took the last train home while I lingered about the idea to have another rendezvous with them, when a few moments after, I realized that would probably be the last time I would ever see them again. I am so not ready to go to London! Shet.

So this is what I want to put in my Obituary.

Nizar: Hye cousin! Aku betul-betul akan rindu gila kat kau. The way you laugh, Pontianak Harum pon kalah! Haha. Kidding. Jaga diri baik-baik, sila on Skype selalu. Pisang Emas Di Atas Peti, Namamu Tetap Di Hati. =)

Kotok: Hye Sasha Fierce! Aku still simpan gambar berani mati kau as my contact pictures. Menjalang boleh, tapi sentiasa mengamalkan safe *** ye kat sane. Hehe. Kidding. Dari Kelantan Ke Kedah Naik Perahu, Dari India Ke Malaysia Jangan Selalu. =) (save duit pegi untuk ke London)

Effa: Hye worst! Huhu. Kidding. I'll be seeing you in UK ye Effa. Nanti sediakan satu bed untuk aku lah. I adore the neutrality in your attitude Effa. Keep it going! Mak Minah Ke Pasar Beli Pucuk Paku, Badan Besar Nanti Tak Laku. =)

Jijah: Hye Miss USA! I can't hardly wait to go to Minnesota! Harus kau bawa aku jalan-jalan. Aku rindu la nak naik kereta Wira hitam dengan sticker UMNO tuh. Hehe. Jjiah Berhias Ayman Bertandang, Jangan Cari Orang Baru Nanti Kena Tendang. =)

Pilin: Hye Ratu Kebaya Kuantan! Hehe. Kidding. Pilin, aku still ingat macam mana rapat kita dulu time form5, lagi-lagi nak dekat SPM. Masing-masing support each other. Rindu gila nak bual- bual ngan kau, lagi-lagi time SPM week kat A12! Meenachi Kutip Daun Tembakau Nun Di India, Pakai Payung Selalu Kalau Tak Nak Hitam Macam Dia. =)

Amy(Mentol): Hye Headboy! Sumpah kau la orang paling aku respek bro. Sumpah tak tipu. Intensif, Insentif, Inisiatif. Faham kan Amy? Hehe. Kau memang the best la bagi aku. Naik Gajah Dari Acheh Ke Maluku, Kepalamu Tetap Menjadi Pujaan Hatiku. =)

Junko: Hye Sabir! Dulu form4 sombong ye kau. Nasib F5 satu kelas. Sebelah-sebelah pulak tuh. Haha. Baru time tuh dapat merasa nikmat kawan dengan kau. Serious dowh Junko. Boleh tak aku buat statement, aku sayang kau lah! Haha. Kidding. Nanti ade orang marah. Si Tempel Ke Hutan Mencari Bakau, Tak Jaga Anis Nahas Kau. =)

Jubei: Hye Legend! Ades bei. Banyak la benda nak cakap kat kau. Serious. First time aku tengok kau kt 4K, "Babi selekeh sial mamat nh". HAHA! Tapi turn out to be pling style kot. Mmg first impression sangat-sangat tak bole dipercayai. Thanx lah jadi sahabat. Sumpah rindu nak tidur umah kau. And main futsal eventho first half saje bertahan. Hehe. Dicuit Uda Si Dara Malu, Harap Menjadi Dormmate A4 Selalu. =)

Otai: Bonjour French Guy! Caaooottt! Rindu kau! Rindu suara kau. Haha. Kidding.Sorry tak hantar kau fly. Tapi aku tau kau kena hantar aku fly. Haha. Kata Dijanji Harus Dikota, Jangan Sampai 10 Tahun Reunion Baru Bersua. =)

Irfan: Hye Budak Kecik! Weyh rindu gila dowh kat kau. Sumpah jarang gila jumpa. Aku ingat lagi keanak-anakan kau sampai nak gaul nasi pon ada orang yang buatkan. Haha! Menyemai Padi Di Sungai Besar, Makanlah Appetton Untuk Membesar. =)

Rizal: Hye Ayul! Jangan kau menidakkan nama ini. Haha. Memang termaktub sejak azali lagi tau. Nak fly ni baru rapat sikit dengan kau kan. Rugi la. All the best for your Ausmat, mate! Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Sodar Sikit Ekau Nogori Dok Tampin. =)

Baloo: Hye Topman! Ang nanti jangan lupa aku nah. Ang jangan gharit sangat nah. Haha. Kidding. Aku tau kau mampu Baloo. Takpe. Anak Ahmad Rajin Sembahyang, Dari London Ke Kulim Ku Kirim Sayang. =)

Mamsod: Hye Hacker! Aku still ingat kau lah orang pertama datang umah aku dowh. Haha. Pastuh dapat pulak mak angkat frayer mak cik aku kan. Memang nice lah. Beruntung gila dowh dapat kawan yang baik macam kau Sod. Serious. Anak Amy Search Isap Syabu, Harap Dapat Maintain Putih Dan Gebu. =)

Hasbi: Hye Speedmaster! Tekan keyboard tak ingat dunia sial. Haha. Kau la orang paling cool penah aku jumpe Hasbi. Serious. Dalam cool-cool kau boleh buat lawak lagi. Sumpah style. Pastuh boleh tidur berjalan. Jangan marah! Membe-membe je pon kan? Hehe. Letak Garam Rasa Manis, Akan Ku Ingat Senyumanmu Yang Manis. =)

Jimmy: Hye Dongga! Tak marah ye Jimmy aku cakap tuh. Sebab masing-masing sama. Haha. Membe rapat kat C4. Siot ingat lagi camne kau pakse aku jogging dengan kau. Aku dah la mendak. Rindu gila-gila kat kau la dowh! Aku akan ingat sms 'Abang' 'Adik' kita. Haha. Jangan Dicabar Pian Menyanyi, Rambut Dibela Dahi Tersembunyi. =)

Burger: Hye Poluh! Poluh, Poluh, Poluh! Hehe. Kidding. Keep up your planning tau Burger. Sangat bangga dengan kau dowh. Matang lahanat! Hehe. Halal makan minum ruang aku kt A12 time SPM week. Ingat lagi katil kau yang brtilam-tilam banyaknye dekat sebelah pintu A12. Ibarat Si Tanggang Pulang Beraya, Nanti Dah Berjaya Jangan Lupa Orang Di Sini Ya. =)

Izlan: Hye Dato' Izlan Tan Sri Yusuf! Haha. Lancat! Rindu lah nak panggil nama tuh. Sumpah first time tgk kau, "Cacat gila dowh budak nih". Tapi kau still gak dowh cacat. Haha. Sorry-sorry di Hari Raya. Tapi terencat kau, legend haram gak. Respect lah bro. Diri SDAR Ayah MC Adik MC, Aku Dah Takde Idea Untuk Ini Puisi. =)

Izzat Norhaizin: Hye Gigi! Waa. Best lah dapat kawan dengan kau. Kalau aku ade problem je, kau sure ade kat sebelah. Rindu la nak study kat ruang antara dua kelas dengan kau. Hehe. Jangan nakal-nakal weyh. 131 eyh. Haha. Ibarat Anak Rabbit Masuk Bandar, Perangai Tuh Harap Jadi Macam Budak Badar. =)

Guys, sorry aku tak mampu nak list kesemua rakan-rakan. Ini spontan aku buat. Spontaneity does not go along with perfection. Sorry. Tapi memang aku ingat setiap sorang. Sebab dengan adanya setiap sorang, barulah terbentuk ZERODEUXSIX. Ampun maaf dipinta.

Sehingga berjumpa lagi. =)


Effarina Matore

Name : Azree Amrun @ Ifa Raziah @ Effa

Body Type: SOOOO LARGE =))

Heart Type: The same with his body.

15th September will be remembered Effa. My first impression of Effa: Garang gle bdak nh..otai..
But first impressions are the least dependable, as one's facade is the veil to one's heart.

Sorry for choosing this pic..aku tau kau takkan suka...haha..*ade aku kesah??!*

Another one off to Newcastle! Godspeed mate!!
I'm not going to say "bye- bye", but i'll say "later!" coz i'm going to see u again!

P/s: Somehow sending you off would be a hard one. ='(


Tahniah. Tetap!

Delegations from:

US of A





So guys...it's London 2012 right? See you there mates!! =)



Smile! Follow the yellow brick road to Burberry land!


Sturm und Drang.

I remembered my first ever school uniform; lime green shorts and striped white shirt! And then I sat at my first assigned desk; in front. And then came in the first teacher I knew; Lao Tze (couldn't remember her name). And then Lao Tze asked me my first question of the day; "What do you want to be when you grow up?" "I want to take care of animals!" I answered, with a rush of enthusiasm.

Well actually the preferred term would be an animal activist or a zoologist. That was my first ambition, I reckoned. Since it was the era of Mega TV then, I was glued watching Discovery Channel day and night. Cartoon Network and AXN accompanied me sometimes and every time during Sahur, but Discovery Channel was my drug. I sighed when the channel displayed about machinery and I squealed with joy when they showed LIFE! Lions and Africa will always remain as favourites. And so are Jane Goodall and her chimps.

Then, I changed, or narrowed it down to being a marine biologist. Discovery Channel still holds the blame for it, but also came in a new convict; Free Willy. Orcas and whales still fascinates me. I was obsessed with the movie then, apart from my friend, Andrew who keeps reminding me how magnificent these creatures are. Andrew was from Australia, and there he always have contact with these beautiful beings. Andrew and I would always draw pictures of whales and orcas during art class.

Then passion for mythology and ancient history made apparent mark on me as I wanted to become an archeologist. Now, its because of The Mummy, Jurassic Park and Discovery Channel (again...). Its fascinating as we unfold the mysteries of the past, knowing that someone has used this pottery before, someone has stroll this street before, someone's skeleton. I keep imagining that someday people in the future might just discover me and the Lost City of Damansara!

Then, currently, finally, medicine shows up. Herm...I really do not know what triggers this. This career seemed kind of mild and boring to me, comparatively with an animal activist, marine biologist and archeologist.

I think it is true when kids always say that adults are boring. Adults just want to play safe.

Suddenly I'm yearning for my first ambition...



Yasmin Ahmad.

A film maker. A story teller.

I don't care what kind of stories people made up about her ( I'm certain you have heard some of the nasty rumours), but I believe one have to know her to judge her.

And what I know is that she is a superb Muse. Inspire to aspire.

Al- Fatihah.

University of Benson & Hedges

I logged onto UCAS one fine day. It was a normal day as usual, with me glued to the chair facing my laptop for hours and hours hence. As I was totally nonchalant when accesing my UCAS page, I realized something unfamiliar with my UCAS status. It has changed!

But...I mean really changed...

" Firm- Unconditional- University of Benson & Hedges"

Fuck. Pulak dah. Then, when it seemed nothing could ever get any worse (you actually know something will definately get worse when someone said that)...

"Insurance- Unconditional- University of Nottingham"

Encore fuck.

The shock woke me up from my slumber. FUH......
Maybe I was just thinking too much about it, but honestly I think I didn't. Heck, I have yet to even feel the euphoric exuberance my peers are feeling right now before taking off.

Maybe this is a sign. Maybe I should quit my Benson & Hedges. Maybe I should stop staring them Notts fellas with green eyes just because "Notts is leading".



That's the word to describe our education system in Malaysia.

For better or for worse.


The issue of language in Math and Science have long been debated. Actions are taken nonetheless...but a routinely repetitive action? Not so good. By me saying "routinely repetitive", I think that's an oxymoron or irony or something, since I detest such actions although it does not appear in my choice of words (Iman, help me sort this out! That's why I didn't score my English EE).

We should encourage teaching these crucial subjects in English because English is the language of the world. We can have a better grasp and a brighter opportunity to make a step forward in bringing ourselves at par with the rest of the world. Since most international textbooks are in English, so why can't we conform to that by maintaining Math and Science in English?


However (this feels so ToK essay), our language marks our identity. I humbly disagree with activists saying that we must maintain teaching subjects in Malay because "tak nak hilang kemelayuan...tak nak lupa daratan".

It is actually more than that.

When we meet other Malaysians oversea, we're bound to find ourselves speaking in Malay. When a Kelantanese meets another Kelantanese, all the "nate ghapo mu? Sek-sek jughuh" will be unleashed! Hehe... Likewise the immigrants in Malaysia; chit chatting in Nepalese, Thai, etc..

At one time in history, speaking Hebrew is forbidden because once you have succeeded in diminishing a nation's identity, the nation itself will crumble to the grounds. That was what supposedly should have happen to the Jews but somehow they rise back and then I forgot the details how and what happen after that...herm...

If let say our mastery in English is what we are trying to develop here, then why don't the government buckle up on the subject English Language alone? Go all out on that subject! I have seen and experienced many instances where English Language is belittled in our society and education system. (Compulsory for passes in English for SPM is considered too late for PPSMI's sake...hehe..)

As cliche it may sound, (even the word "cliche" sounds cliche to me) I am not on any side; neither for nor against. I'm Switzerland!



SDAR Open Block was superb!

Not becuase of Bunkface, truly...

but because of all the batch mates and juniors who made my day a blast! Overnight at Sdar definately was an added plus, like a cherry on top of a cake. I truly want a something to take my mind off the anticipation of D-day, but you guys truly blew me away! To;


The juniors..
and also my other juniors which I frankly can't recall their names (dah tua la katakan)...

Thank you!!! Love you guys!!

"This is cannot"..haha!


I Rindu Padamu.

This colour is Swine Flu pink

Ahmad Zuhri Shin Abd. Halim; the easily charged up stick. Haha..scandalous ngan bdak ni slalu. Teacher's pet, kan Shin? =)

Nurul Hamiza Mohd Rashid; anak Pak Cik Rashid, the one who always give the best one liner in times of dire need during discussions. Problem solved immediately. Genius! She owns an Apple..uuuuu...

Iman Kamarul Asri; the sesat-Geordie-accent Hitler of the group. Haha...without her IRP tak jalan kot. And also the Guardian of the Apple which I still dont know how to use.

Muhd Aqeem Nor Azam; the only normal one...hehe..the markscheme-man! And the Business-is-logic-to-him-but-never-get-7-guy...

Miss you guys loads! At class, DS, LRC, concourse and the snuck in food at the LRC, the talk of bringing steamboat during IRP, miss all those moments!

I Rindu Padamu, IRP. =)



Today, after the death of the King of Rock n Roll, the world stood a still once more by the shocking news of the demise King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson.

I'm not a member of his fan club, but I grew up listening to his music, and still am.

1. When I was still wearing rubber-waisted trousers, I used to listen to Pak Ngah's array of MJ albums and watched those karaoke music videos. The 80's was so psychedelic with topsy turvy camera movements and flashy colours!

2. I went to MJ's concert in KL with Baba once...think I was 7 then...

3. Thinking of touching Free Willy upon hearing "Will You Be There"...

4. Getting goosebumps while watching his "Earth song" music video...

5. Moonwalking!=)

I dont know if all the nasty allegations about him are true or not, but he did brew up good music and truly affected most of the people of the world with it and he's a Moslem and passed away on a Friday. Jeles la.

R.IP, M.J.


I surrender dear.

So hate it when this feeling crops up again.

I hate when people start asking about IT.

I hate when I start asking myself about IT.

I hate playing quizzes about IT.

But I love watching the movie "IT"!! (sial lawak tak kene)

"Mat, awek sehat?" Fuck. Do we actually have to be stuck with someone all the time? Is there any commandment saying so?

"Takde awek la bro..." Fuck. Is it so incomprehensible? So out of the ordinary that they just can't believe it and bugs you for more information on something that does not even exist in the first place?

So hate it when this feeling crops up again.

Venus is so hard to understand. So Math Higher Level. Wish I have telepathy sometimes, you know? Then it would not be as hard as this.

They give you hints, but they never go straight forward with it. When you try approaching them and ask them directly, they say, Nay!

Then they'll give you more hints. And you approach them and they say Nay!

Over and over again.

This courtship thing is hard work man! Fuck. Hate this. Things get worse when they start giving you mixed signals that confounds you, until the only thing you can do is loomed in the little dark corner of your room, trying to put together all the effing signals and hints until you go berserk!

Then there's this 'matchmaker curse'. Realise that matchmakers are the one who would find it hard to match make themselves? Didn't believe it at first...but two years of nothing...that'll drag you to believe even the most nonsensical thing.

Been with three. All three almost lead me to total insanity. Trying for the fourth, but I guess retreat is more worth it. Fuck. This is draining the life from me. Not going to waste it.

So hate it when this feeling crops up again.

*Currently in a relationship with myself.


this IS love


Thanx guys for the trip! Chuak2 pon best kot...haha!


Darjah Seri Bangku Negara

My little brother (the real one, o'course) asked me just now...

"Bang, kan bila laki dapat Datuk, wife die dapat Datin kan...what happens bila perempuan dapat Datuk...laki die dapat ape?"

Speechless for a moment.

"Die dapat pangkat 'driver Mak Datin' la"...

See, that is why I don't believe in people believing in woman's right...

They're getting everything here people!



I wonder....

I went to some usrah that day (yes people, i actually went to an usrah...yes..me!! Get a hold of yourself, ok) and they said that education falls under things that must be given to anyone, compulsory (perkara wajib). From fathers to sons, teachers to students...and goverments to their people. Hehehe...

This is where it has got me thinking...

1. According to that usrah la...goverment memang wajib bagi rakyat die pendidikan..okay..im clear with that..

2. Scholarship or loans granted for educational benefits falls under the many tangents of education...so these things are also wajib la kan...

3. So..ehem2..education is actually our right as the people of the goverment, sebab jatuh hukum wajib earlier on kan...

4. Holding to that notion, should we feel..ehem2..grateful, macam terhutang budi la sangat pada goverment sebab hantar kita oversea...becoz, as stated earlier on..it is our right (perkara wajib).

5. Macam anak and bapak la...court tak akan bagi custody kepada parents yang tak boleh jaga anak depa...termasuk la their need for education...becoz its their (the children) right.

6. So...how leh...?? Muahahaha...mampus aku kalau Pak Mus baca blog aku ni..mau kena sambung BTN.


Fatt lor!

8 more days to go to meet Mr. Happy and Ms. Bliss..!

About more than one month ago...the countdown on my desktop showed the number 8, but then I was counting my days to meet Mr. Doom and Ms. Terror. Mr. Doom and Ms. Terror tormented me for weeks, the climax was when the Econs students got an early leave! Unfair! hehe..

Now, i can't hardly wait to meet Mr. Happy and Ms. Bliss.

8 more days to go...and still counting....



"hoy cencaluk!"

haha..btn x best dowh...keyh r, masih dlm range "ok"..tp towards "x best"..kasik cann...

tapi tipulah kalau nak cakap takde effect whatsoever..semangat tuh mmg fired up la sket kn..

hypothetically speaking..i noe tis one guy..classmate time skolah kt damansara dulu..nak dijadikan cite..mmbe ku ni melayu tau..tapi malu jadi melayu..

camni...kt skolah aku dulu..ade clique tau..our batch was dominated by malays..but unfortunately (i guess), most of them were clustered at the lower end of the streaming system. So this fella and i were like not in that cluster. There were more non-malays than malays in our class. Class tuh best la...especially in between classes and recess..haha..still remember that moment! Kitorang macam rapat sebab satu kelas, so my friend and I ni banyak la kawan yang terdiri drpd non malays. However, he admits that he was actually embarassed to be called as a Malay. He sees nothing to be proud of. He'll make faces when my history teacher talks about ketuanan melayu, hak istimewa orang melayu and bla, bla, bla. I really can't blame him though becoz most of the troublemakers at that school were malays, and this might also be valid thorughout the country! Kalau kat pusat serenti tuh, bersepah la melayu. Yang mat mati tengah jalan lepas corner maut naek motor pon melayu gak kn. He also said that why are we proud to even be a Malay? What is Malay pon actually? Ape trademark Malay? Kalau nak kata tarian la, bahasa la, sopan santun..itu semua pinjaman and assimilation dari budaya and race lain kan.

In all honesty, he did got me thinking (im easily persuaded pon). Until BTN, malay was just merely some word, no passion or identity accompanying it. After BTN, i think i got some sense of why i should be proud to be a Malay but of course la semangat tuh not as at par as warga emas yang berjuang demi tanah air, at least not yet.

Pape pon..thank you BTN!


"Are you here to make me mortal?"

Damn cun man that line! (i might paraphrase it a bit..hehe)

Another one line i like...but ain't that true though...

"religion is not flawless, because humans are not flawless"

true...to a certain extent...should be..."religion is not perceived as flawless, because humans are not flawless". (sorry...i suffer from post traumatic ToK-ngitis)

The story was like...walauweh!! It was certainly a relief to say the least, as it truly exceeds my expectation, mainly due to the defected and demented prior Da Vinci movie (but the book was sheer awesomeness!). I planned to read the book first(Angels & Demons), but i'm currently reading a book...so it'll be hard for me as i like to take my time to indulge in these written words one at a time. I vouched i was an avid reader once...before our school system caught up with me with all the text book materials (and markschemes...hehe) that we need to devour, and slowly shaping us to be an exam oriented student, wether we like it or not.

I'm not complaining though.I can just go with the flow. People might say that i'm like the lalang ditiup angin thingy...xde pendirian. But i do have one. I belief everything that has and will happen will turn out for the best. So why waste your life complainng bout stuffs and just do it, eyh?haha...But that's just my belief...

*Getting all pixied over the next rendezvous at sunway pyramid! (Everytime i hear the word 'pyramid' i get goosebumps because it reminds me of "The Arrival" i watched with Mr. Luqman Hariz!)


sluurrpp. aahhh.

i miss kmb.

No! Not kmb. (this is ego me talking, saje tak nak ngaku). I miss the little moments IN kmb:

1. The dup dap (or " lupp" "dupp" for all medic students) beating of your heart when you haven't finished your homework.

2. The dup dap feeling when Pn. Surinam enters (byk sgt dup dap... ley heart attack bdak nh).

3. The late nights of doing last minute study...hehe..

4. The annoyance some people manage to trigger effortlessly...

and also...

1. The satisfying feeling when you realised that the homework was not due until next week bcoz u clumsily mixed up the schedules (farking confusing T1 and T2...malas nak salin actually...)

2. The overwhelming feeling of joy when Pn. Surinam taught in class, with all her motherly love and demure assuring smile, radiates confidence through out the whole class...as though as you can fly and touch the sky...
*the dup dap feeling earlier on is bcoz one cannot overcome the sheer awesomeness of her aura!*

3. The fulfilling sip of the innocent Mary Jane; coffee, either when i'm starting my day, or studying late at night.

4. And best of all, the late night laughter in the common room...the heartfelt chat inside dorms and classes...and the cherishing pillow talks...haha..(sounds gay...but wth!)

I lost all of these when i stepped out of Kolej MARA Banting. No adrenaline pumping moments of not doing homeworks, no Pn. Surinam, no innocent Mary Jane, no pillow talks! haha....ha..ha..erm..(ego again)

Nothing can substitute all of these, except for the coffee (which i dont drink now), i still have my faithful shisha, which KMB can't offer...but the rest....sigh...

haha...emosi gle beb!

So sbb tuh kita must look forward and just go on with life...take all the good memories and do it all over again. Spread love people!

0118 hour: Aqeem has a blog!

i noe how.

i noe what it is.


i dunno y.

i dunno when it happens ( referring to the above statement).

I noe i'm juz being me, impulsive.

Sumtimes its gud, but not every time.

Tak kan nk decide bini pon nk impulsive kn beb?

Skali dpt yg bkn2...("Tapi kita boleh ade 4" said my conscience)..haha..

Wish me luck on tis blog. Godspeed mate!

*great...my first post n i'm rambling