What's in a name

Anyone (by me saying anyone, must be hell attractive), please be the mother of my children;

Luth Haifaa'
Haifaa' Liyana
Daniel Arfard
Nadia Arfard
Nicholl Izzat
Daniel Iskandar
Iman Wafie
Dania Aida
Sofiya Ezra
Sofiya Maheran
Natasha Adrienne
Aleksander Arfard
Anya Syifaa'
Ibtisam Maria

I want loads of Mini-Mes!

*This is a result of too much free time.
*Disclaimer: All the names mention are of copyright to the writer. Usage of these names in any fashion is subject to the writer's acknowledgement and approval.


Iman said...

yo.. 14 anak.. go kawin 4 lar.. haha..
but thats really nice names.. i like the Iman Wafie.. duh! coz my name is iman.. haha..
and Dania is such a comel name kan.. and Daniel too.. =p

Aqeem Azam said...

who says im monogamous at first?? heheh...
kann?? comel gle..genetics..lol.

Anonymous said...

iman wafie.. reminds me of iman n wafi haha

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